Photo: ASP Taj Burrow at the 2013 Hurley Pro at Lower Trestles, CA
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Taj Burrow takes the Hurley Pro. Finally.

Taj Burrow is the 2013 Hurley Pro winner after many years and unlucky finals, he has finally came out on top. We are big fans of Taj’s style and flow on the waves and we’re hoping this win can propel his run for a well overdue world title. We love Kelly for sure and another would be great, but if there has been a surfer battling on tour that is past due, its Taj Burrow.

Taj is from western Australia and his home breaks have sharpened his skills so he has as good a shot as anybody to get a couple more wins before heading to Hawai’i for the final stop at Pipeline. In our books he has consistently been one of the ASP’s most stylish and sickest riders out there. There is always a smile on his face and with his new training regiment it looks like its paying dividends. Congratulations to Taj Burrow and definitely to Billabong who needs exposure as much as possible. Next stop is Europe and the barrels and tumbos of France and Portugal where he should flourish!